Cemetery Facts

Interesting Facts About The First Reformed Church Cemetery

1.The oldest legible grave stone/monument is dated 1786.

2.There are six former First Reformed Church Pastors buried in the Cemetery, including Orville L. Sigafoos, Henry W. Teller, Eugene H. Keator, Edwin T. Jones, Donner B. Atwood and William C. Bennett.

3. Additionally, Rev. Hermanus Meyer (Pastor 1772-1791), is buried in the First Reformed Church sanctuary.

4. The historic Cemetery covers 12 acres.

5. Among the graves of veterans from all wars are those of 90 Civil War veterans and eight veterans of the Revolutionary War.

6. In 1936 Pastor Eugene H. Keator conducted the purchase of the C.W. Tate Evergreens nursery for $4,250, which became part of the Cemetery. Pastor Keator continued to grow shrubs and trees on the parcel of land.

7. A groundskeeping crew of six can mow and trim the 12 acres of grass in one day.

8. In 1928 the wrought iron fence was installed on the perimeter of the Cemetery at a cost of $8,206.

9. There are 8,896 spear pickets on the wrought iron fence, along with 495 posts.

10. Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Captain James F. Evans (1845-1918) is buried in the Cemetery.

11. Among other notable graves are those of Cornelius W. Mandeville, a major general in the New Jersey State Militia, who was a friend and protege of President Andrew Jackson; and Peter Hopper, who was chief manager of The Morris Canal.

12. The LeGrand Parish mausoleum, built with Barre Granite and Tiffany adornments for Mr. and Mrs. Parish, is recognized as one of the finest in New Jersey. LeGrand Parish passed away in 1933. Adjusting to today’s dollar, it cost Mr. Parish an equivalent of more than $1 million to build the mausoleum just over 90 years ago.