Adult Education

Discipleship is the ongoing transformation of our hearts, our minds and our lives.  

We believe that discipleship is a lifelong journey.  There is never a time in our lives when we can be satisfied with our growth or our certainty.  Certainty is about being right.  Faith is about being guided by what’s right and training yourself to do it.

FRC’s worshiping community welcomes faith with all the doubts, the questions and the mystery.  Our hope is to provide space and opportunities for exploration and inquiry, questioning and listening, dialogue and discernment.  There is also nothing like participating in hands-on service to deepen your faith and put it in action. Throughout the year, we offer many opportunities for missional service and group study groups.

ADVENT STUDY  - Max Lucado's "Because of Bethlehem"
What’s the big deal about the baby in the manger? Who was he? What does his birth have to do with me? These are the questions that Max Lucado’s DVD small group study “Because of Bethlehem” seeks to answer. The answers he’s found give us all hope. Take a break and come and grow. Book is only $10 & DVD is provided free for any host of a small group. Books can be picked up in Friendship Hall starting the week of Sunday, Nov. 11.
Register in Friendship Hall or here online.

SMALL GROUP STUDY - Intentional Parenting

5-Session Video Series - Group Leader: Dave Sippel
10 Ways To Be An Exceptional Parent In A Quick Fix World

Every parent has dreams for their children. As parents, we all start out with the best intentions. Although, at some point, we move from DREAMS to DUCT TAPE and hope that each day everything will just stick together. Raising kids in today’s culture is a difficult challenge and it requires a plan. Without a plan, parents usually default to Quick-Fix Parenting. Let’s face it: it’s just easier to focus on immediate problems rather than deal with the deeper and more important ones. Surviving each day is much easier than taking the time and energy to consider how parenting actions impact a child’s future. To be an exceptional parent, you need to be an intentional parent.

Classes will be held on Sunday nights from January 27th to February 24th. 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Cost is $20 per participant. Register here.