Adult Ministries

"The world does not need better people, the world needs deeper people"

The word discipleship comes from the 12 guys who followed Jesus around, they were called disciples.  A disciple is a learner, who learns by following.  We use that word to describe our journey as modern followers of Jesus.  We too, learn by following.  

Discipleship is the ongoing transformation of our hearts, our minds and our lives.  

We know that everyone is different so we've provided a bunch of different ways to spur on your spiritual growth.

Resources for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Small Discussion Groups and Bible Studies
  • Creed: Lenten Small Group Study - Groups will be starting up on March 1st. Let's look together at what we believe. Click here for more information.
  • Bible Study Groups - The First Reformed Church (FRC) has had Bible Study Groups for over 40 years.  We currently have 8 groups ranging in age, experience and gender. Email Pastor Kathleen for information about what groups are studying what and where you might fit in.