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Grasping the Vision

Posted by Dave Sippel on

In ministry I tend to look for signs and indicators of progress. Seeing someone catch the vision is very encouraging. Ministry can be discouraging at times, and partnerships in pursuit of a vision can keep you going.

I was recently approached by a father of a high school youth in our church. He said, "Dave, it's time to start promoting the sub sandwich sale. The Super Bowl will be here before you know it." I took a deep breath and replied, "Yes, the sub sandwich sale." I am new at this church, and things tend to sneak up on me. I was being honest with this helpful dad when I said, "I need to know more about the sale. How do we take orders? How do we fulfill the orders? When are they distributed?" I just needed more details than had been provided for me.

He replied, "I'll send you some information so that you can fully understand all of the details. We had some issues last year that we should fix." Then he paused for a moment. I'll never forget what he said next. He exclaimed, "Wait, what am I doing? This is about making sandwiches. Don't worry about it Dave. I'll worry about the sandwiches. You just keep doing great activities with our youth. I've got the sandwiches." He went home that night and began working on the promotional materials and planning for the sandwich sale.

I enjoy juggling. I am pretty good at it, but I can only juggle three things. I have a maximum juggling capacity. But, I can juggle 10 things if I ask for 7 volunteers to assist me. I keep juggling my three, and they each juggle one. This dad caught that vision for ministry. I have a ministry capacity, but with strategic ministry partners our church can have an impact that goes way beyond the capacity of our team leaders.

The dad approached me on Sunday and said, "I have a great source for the sub sandwich meat!" All that I could do was smile...


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Christopher Dec 18, 2015 12:10pm

The blog looks great!

Rich Valle Jan 12, 2016 8:41pm

Fun times to come! We are thrilled to have you aboard to work with the kids. Can't wait to hear from the kids as to what the mystery night is all about.
Thanks again Dave!