Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below. Feel free to call the cemetery office with any additional questions.

What is the cost of a grave in your cemetery?
Prices for graves in our cemetery vary depending on location. Please contact our Cemetery Manager, Forrest Harper, for specific information.
What is the cost of a burial in your cemetery?
Prices for burial are dependent on several factors, including the type of burial (full burial, ash burial or columbarium) and the day of the week. Cemetery Manager Forrest Harper can offer specific information.
When will the headstone be set?
The monument company can best answer when a headstone will be set.
After the funeral, why is there no grass on the grave?
The excavated area needs to settle before topsoil is applied and the grave is seeded. Twice a year topsoil and grass seed are applied to graves that have properly settled.
How can I find out where a relative is buried in your cemetery?
You may go to The First Reformed Church website (firstreformedchurch.com), click on the Cemetery link at the top of the page and follow it to the “Locate A Grave” feature. You can then search for a grave by name.