Financial FAQs

We hope this FAQ helps address any questions you have around FRC finances. For questions not addressed below, please reach out to our Finance Manager Ann Marie Ziffer (973-835-1144, X14 or ).


How are contributions received by FRC? 

FRC accepts contributions on-line, by phone (text or Give Plus app) or via cash or checks at services, sent by mail or delivered personally to FRC’s office.   FRC provides preprinted envelopes for the convenience of the congregation.  Every contributor is assigned a number to ensure contributions are applied per the contributor’s request and as a source of data for the contributor’s quarterly contributions statements.                

How are my contributions distributed by FRC?

10% of the total amount of offerings received is distributed to the Mission Team budget.  The Mission Team distributes this amount to specific Missionaries that our Church supports and to organizations and other Churches with specific purposes that align with our mission. The remaining 90% is distributed to support the following FRC ministries:

  • Reaching In & Out - Opening our campus to our church and community 
  • Preparing for and Conducting Worship – Providing spiritually enriching services                                 
  • Education – Offering pathways for adults, youth and children to live God's plan                                  
  • Care & Connection – Delivering personal care and events to connect our church family                   
  • Maintain Platform – Enabling resources to support our ministry 
Are my contributions confidential?

Yes.  FRC has policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality of all personal financial contributions.  


How are FRC finances managed?

FRC has approved policies and procedures to govern the accounting of all income and expenses.  Consistory, Staff, and Team Leaders monitor their respective income and expenses to ensure compliance with their budgets.    The Finance Team ensures that FRC’s financial assets are used as appropriately and financial procedures are followed.

How is FRC’s budget created and approved?  Where can I see the budget?

The Financial Administrator in conjunction with the Lead Pastor and Team Leaders prepare the annual Ministry Fund budget.  The Finance Team reviews the budget, then presents it to Consistory for vote of recommendation to Congregation for final approval.  The Congregation approves the annual budget at the annual Congregational meeting.   This process is repeated for any changes to the approved budget.

Where can I see year to date progress for the budget?

The actual versus budget report is published quarterly in the Go Forth.  If you are not receiving the Go Forth, please contact our office  ( ).  You can also contact the Finance Manager ( ) to view the budget performance in person.


What is stewardship and pledging?

Stewardship is the prayerful work of managing our time, talent and treasure to bring about God's kingdom on earth.

Pledging is an important Christian spiritual practice, enabling us to grow intentionally in faith and generosity in every part of our lives. A pledge is your commitment to make a financial gift that supports the mission of FRC. Pledging is a response to God's call and abundance in our own lives: it is a statement of thanksgiving.

Why should I pledge if I can already give through the offering plate?

Receiving your pledge allows FRC to do for our church community what you do for your household: plan wisely for the use of resources in support of the mission and ministry to which God has called us.  While plate offerings are important to the church, your pledge lets FRC plan more accurately for the ministry we can accomplish.

Do I have to pay when I pledge? Can I pay in installments?

Returning your pledge is simply a promise to pay your pledged amount over the year ahead. You may fulfill it in as many payments as you wish throughout the year -- weekly, monthly, quarterly, or periodically. 

What happens if I can't give as much as I pledged?

While it's a commitment to God through Christ Church, if your circumstances change, you may notify the church you need to change your pledge. If you're blessed with unexpected extra income, you're always welcome to increase your pledge as well!

Can I pledge later than pledge Sunday in November?

Yes, we welcome pledges at any time of the year.  FRC begins the process of budgeting for the upcoming year in November in order to present the Congregation a finalized budget in January for approval.  The finalized budget that is presented is based on the pledges that were received prior to the January meeting.


What is the Deacons Fund?

The Deacon’s Fund is part of our “Care & Connection” ministry.  The Deacons Fund is used for individuals or groups that request help.  The amount allocated is based on need as determined by the Lead Pastor and Deacons, who are the only members authorized to disburse money from this Fund.   The Deacon’s Fund is replenished by specific offerings and donations from other FRC Teams or individual contributions.

What is the Denomination Assessment?

The Denomination Assessment is annual dues established by the Reformed Church of America for each confirmed member of a congregation.  The assessments are distributed nationally, regionally, and locally to support the various ministries, mission, and operations of RCA churches. FRC pays the assessments for every member and offers various methods of donation for members who choose to reimburse FRC for their portion.    The 2021 assessment is $87.00/ member.